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Vendor/Customer relationships are what allows Skolnik Industries to excel for our customers. I would like to acknowledge that in a relationship that spans more than 20 years, Sorini continues to provide us with products, service and innovation that is highly rated.

Whether a last minute emergency response action, or a long term commitment to consistency, we are confident that having Sorini on our team has helped us to meet the challenging needs of our customers.

Thanking you for your continued support, and looking forward to many years ahead of mutual collaboration.

Yours most respectfully,

Howard Z. Skolnik, President/CEO

Trilla Steel Drum Corporation takes great pride in providing our customers with a quality 55-gallon steel drum. As such, we continually review our vendors and suppliers to ensure the products we receive meet or exceed our high standard of quality workmanship.

Once again, Sorini Ring Manufacturing Company comes through for Trilla. For more than 20 years Sorini has been supplying Trilla with a quality product enhanced by their excellent service.

Sorini is a name Trilla can count on, whether it is supplying Trilla with quality rings, or even offering suggestions and technical support from their highly qualified teams.

Thank you for your continued support to Trilla. We look forward to a continued relationship with Sorini.


Lester Trilla